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Public Attributes

fsXFontInfoHeader Struct Reference

List of all members.

Public Attributes

INT16 min_bounds_left B16
INT16 font_descent B16
INT16 min_bounds_right B16
INT16 max_bounds_left B16
INT16 max_bounds_right B16
INT16 max_bounds_width B16
INT16 max_bounds_ascent B16
INT16 max_bounds_descent B16
CARD16 max_bounds_attributes B16
CARD16 min_bounds_attributes B16
INT16 font_ascent B16
INT16 min_bounds_width B16
INT16 min_bounds_ascent B16
INT16 min_bounds_descent B16
CARD32 flags B32
CARD8 char_range_max_char_high
CARD8 char_range_max_char_low
CARD8 char_range_min_char_high
CARD8 char_range_min_char_low
CARD8 default_char_high
CARD8 default_char_low
CARD8 draw_direction
CARD8 pad

Detailed Description

Definition at line 192 of file FSproto.h.

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